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Management Consultancy focusing on recruitment, resourcing and Executive Search of scares and professional skills


  The limited skills pool across the continent has increased the demand for skills at managerial level, as well as for technical skills of every  kind –      information technology, engineering, and finance. At
proFound Consulting, we help our clients build a leadership cadre that can take the organization  forward into new markets and across far-flung geographies.
  Using research processes traditionally found only in executive search, we have created a bespoke talent mapping process for sourcing  professionals, senior and mid-level managers, professionals and scarce skills. This makes us highly effective in proactively sourcing the best talent  available.

 Sourcing candidates from the Africa diaspora network and foreign expatriates from across the globe, we have completed several  assignments to  support our clients’ requirements for technical skills and leadership succession across the continent.

 For more than 10 years, we have placed high potentials and scarce skills across a range of industries. During this time, we have run a  number of  recruitment projects.

 Case study: Scarce skills solution Bespoke project to attract 50 specialist Risk Managers for large capital projects.

 The project brief was to assist with the establishment of a corporate team from scratch: 20 employees – ranging from Heads of Divisions, Risk  Managers, Regulatory Specialists, Capital Managers and Compliance Officers – to manage a multi-billion rand capital management project.

 The assignment included the establishment of the procurement, supply chain, human resources, finance, information technology and legal teams from  the get-go. Employees were to be based across the country and abroad.  

 proFound sourced South Africans abroad, across the African continent and within the country – across project management, regulators, banking,  financial services, ICT, finance solution providers and other technical experts.

 The project was delivered in less than six months, and the final candidates included South Africans of all races and genders, sourced offshore and  locally.

 Scarce skills sourcing

 Customised scarce skills’ sourcing is critical to the cost-effective success of our client’s projects.

 We follow a rigorous planning,  scoping  and process design methodology to ensure that are candidates’ profiles are aligned with our client’s needs.

 We provide a  customised, high-quality  solution to support the company’s resourcing objective.

 High potentials

 We help our clients develop a local leadership cadre by investing in high potential candidates, especially in countries, such as South Africa and Africa,  where localisation targets are steep. To this end, we offer robust leadership simulation tools and leadership development and consulting services.

 Sourcing for succession

 We work with your organisation to develop a succession framework and implement a succession plan. We identify and review the key  roles in the  organisation that are essential to company success, and evaluate talent to find successors for these positions, taking into account potential,  competencies and behaviour.

 We also assist in identifying potential at all levels in the organisations so as to build leadership pipelines for the future.

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