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 Why proFound Consulting?

 In the view of the shortage of skills within South Africa and the world, 
proFound Consulting was established as a platform for expert professionals, with expertise and knowledge, to assist organisations with a lack and/or shortage of skills, within the core areas of their business activities.

Found Consulting has been established with a dual purpose:

  • To provide expert professionals to address the shortage of skills in the local and global economy; and assist in the upliftment of existing skills.
  • To provide specialised knowledge and skills to assist organisations and companies to address unique or specific business quandary.

It is
 proFound’s intent to provide approved expert professional as consultants for specialised projects directly to companies and organisations to establish  an in-house project team. Parallel to this, providing mentors to address the high risk areas within the core business, caused by a lack of skills through  capacity building initiatives.

proFound affords experts in various fields of professional practices to share "best practise" methodologies and to assist with capacity building initiatives  within organisations to ensure knowledge and skill transfer. proFound indirectly addresses the shortages of skills and the lack of experience by the  placement of consultants and mentors to address company specific requirements and risk areas within all sectors of industry.


The success of placement depends on providing an expert from the respective Industry/sector with the equal particular experience.

proFound Consulting Integrity Approach

proFound Consulting  offers expert resources that ensure organisational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, technology  implementation, strategy development as well as operational improvement services through sound methodologies and frameworks to guide the  identification of problems and to serve as a basis for recommendations for more effective and efficient ways of performing business tasks.

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